The Crew

We strongly believe that our crew is the key to our success. Our crew is one of the most experienced in the Wood River Valley and they all take pride in their craft. Many of our crew know our clients and understand our clients’ individual needs.


Maintenance has always been a staple of Nichols Landscapes. This can be demonstrated by sitting on any corner in Ketchum in the summer – you’ll see several of our trucks with the aspen leaf logo drive by. In addition to our private clients, we maintain several association properties throughout the valley. If you need something quickly, chances are we have somebody working in your area.

Irrigation / Irrigation Audits / Trout Friendly Lawns

Our three irrigation experts each have over 20 years of irrigation experience ranging from large installs (on several acres) to adjusting an irrigation head for flowers. With water conservation being an overarching goal in the Wood River Valley, Idaho, and the West, we can conduct an irrigation audit for you to reduce the amount of water you are using. Typically, with a little analysis and some investment into your system, we can reduce water usage by up to 40%. We also advise on Trout Friendly Lawns and ways to minimize your landscaping impact on the environment.

Snow Removal

As the largest private snow removers in the Wood River Valley, “Powder Day” has a different meaning for us than it does for most. Whether it’s a private subdivision with four miles of road requiring a small army on snow days, ice management, snow removal from roofs, or a private house that just needs a good shovel, we blanket (or help remove it) the Valley on powder days.

Spraying, Tree Care, and Tree Removal

We offer a full range of pesticide, herbicide, organic, and other spraying solutions to combat the various issues that affect our yards. In addition, we offer tree removal services – often at a fraction of the cost of some tree removal companies. Please call for a bid – you’ll be surprised at what you can save.

new construction

We specialize in new installation, construction, and creative additions to your grounds. Whether it’s a new waterfall, a rock wall, putting green, or simply a peaceful aspen forest surrounded by sod, we’ve installed it before. Our crew is one of the most experienced in the valley and we have the large equipment and manpower to complete your next outdoor project.

Let Nichols Landscapes build your dream setting

Babbling Brook and Hardscapes in Mid Valley

This custom built home was highlighted with water features and hardscapes including 10 tons or rock to build a brook, native water plants, and plants to highlight the natural setting of the home.

Ponds and Aspen Forest and Raised Patio

Owners enjoy entertaining on a raised patio, surrounded by Aspen trees, and over looking two connected ponds. A stream connects the ponds and incorporates water plants and other landscaping for an unparalleled setting.

River Rock Entry Wall

Sometimes, nothing can be more sophisticated than the simple. This long entryway was highlighted by a river rock dry-stack retaining wall and turned a very usual mound of dirt into a refined wall made of native river rock.

Terraced Walls

This 100 unit Association added dry-stack walls and rocks (all “Montana Chief Stone”) and perennials to enhance the paths, stairwells, and beds throughout the complex.

Interior Private Courtyard

This downtown Ketchum home encapsulated its courtyard resulting in lush and private setting with a highlighting water feature.

Custom Putting Green

The owner of this house, an avid golfer, wanted a synthetic green surrounded by natural landscaping. After flying in the green consultant to advise on the complicated contours of the green, Nichols Landscapes installed the green blending in the natural landscaping.

River Front Entertaining

At the end of the day, there’s nothing like having a few drinks on a patio while skipping rocks over a calm Big Wood River (as long as no fishermen are present!).